Redefining “Fit”

In physical fitness, many focus their workout routine on stamina and strength and consider them to be the only factors that determine a person's degree of fitness. Consequently, a majority of training workouts focus heavily on specific aspects of fitness and neglect others. Many have started to realize, however, that fitness is not simply endurance or brute force - it encompasses balance, agility, power, coordination, respiratory endurance, flexibility and strength. Someone who is truly fit will train each of these key elements of fitness equally in their workout regiment and will be far healthier than someone who follows a routine that, for instance, over-trains strength and neglects flexibility.

Get Fit at Home

Because our routine is specifically designed to rotate muscle groups while utilizing exercises that foster a true development of balance, flexibility, and agility, it is one of the most effective ways of achieving physical fitness available. On top of that, our routine is designed to take advantage of body weight - each workout allows you to efficiently develop fitness without the use of unnecessary weights and machines - all in the comfort of your own home! With a reasonable commitment of 20 minutes and a single workout a day, you can put our expertly designed, highly efficient training routine to work for you and change your level of fitness forever.

Full Body Fitness

While strength and stamina can be trained with workouts, others, like agility and balance, need to be practiced regularly for improvement. Consequently, a truly intentional and detailed routine is needed to effectively train each of the core elements of fitness - the routine must train strength and stamina while allowing the practice of agility and balance. For these reasons, home workout programs are becoming an increasingly popular option among people who are interested in acquiring a healthy, sustainable level of 'full-body' fitness. In fact, aspects of our routine have been present in the police force and military training regiments for years!

Home Workout Program

Never Set Foot in a Gym Again

Here at, we believe that your fitness should never depend upon a monthly fee. At big name gyms, you can’t workout unless your dues are paid and if you stop paying – you stop progressing. If you ask us, everyone deserves to get (and stay) fit for the rest of their lives – you shouldn’t have to jump through hoops or pay for much (if any) workout equipment. Thats why we made it our goal to give you an optimally designed, repeatable workout regiment that will allow you to continue being fit for the rest of your life. It just seems like the right thing to do.

Training On a Budget

Many experts agree that physical fitness tends to start lacking during a recession – people just don’t have the spare money to pay for a gym membership and often find themselves short on time to get a workout in because of their busy schedules. Our primary goal is to help teach you how you can stay physically fit for the rest of your life without forcing you to pay for years of gym memberships and personal trainers – you deserve a healthy, happy life – you deserve a reasonable workout routine that is designed fit into your busy lifestyle without sacrificing the quality of your training.

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