Avoid Over-Doing It

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Have you been in that position where you are suddenly hit with a surge of motivation to take on a new sport or get in to shape in order to make that great impression by losing weight or bulking up? By overshooting fitness goals people tend to get injured which exacerbates the problem to be overcome in the first place. Overdoing it does not produce faster results. If you are looking for a magic “get in to shape” quick fix then you will be at the mercy of every popular fitness advertisement available.  Not only that but sometimes forcing a “square peg into a round hole” so to speak creates frustration and misguided fitness goals.

Trying to implement something that is meant to be health promoting into an extreme to drastically change your body type can end up doing more harm than good. People who over exert themselves without taking in the proper amount of calories can throw a wrench into the overall function of a healthy body. In addition if you choose to take in anabolic steroids to enhance your look and appeal faster than naturally intended, there is a high price to be paid in the long run. Compulsive exercise can be termed too much of a good thing. Moderate exercise without the need to be hyper controlling of weight or push through a training session against medical advice due to injury or illness is more ideal than being an extremist.

Begin with the end in mind when it comes to fitness. Don’t allow yourself to buy into short-term fad alternatives that sap adrenal systems and undermine health in the end. The key to feeling good and making the most of an exercise regiment is healthy balance.  Balance and enjoyment with exercise and nutrition should help you feel more energized and positive which is far more valuable than a number on the scale or a dress size goal that may be too unrealistic for your health goals.

Consider consulting with your doctor who can help you set realistic fitness goals with the whole body in mind. Doing your best to avoid over exertion that can create stress fractures, joint problems or back pain will keep you mobile and active more regularly. Cross training to avoid over stressing any certain part of your body also has great benefits. Swimming, cycling, hiking, yoga, walking, dancing, strength training or jogging are training options that can be suited to any intensity level.

Keep your options open and remember that exercise doesn’t need to be costly or complicated. Fitting a home based exercise routine that varies strength training and keeps things at your intensity level can be ideal for establishing consistency. Over time, you can establish a clear definition for what true fitness means to you. A balanced exercise program is unique to each individual. Do yourself a favor and ignore the skewed media messages about the idea that super skinny is beautiful or bulking up is attractive. Avoid over doing it on any level and welcome the balance of a healthy lifestyle that can sustain you for years to come.

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    Not to be crude, I’m not even into chix..Granted this woman is a pillar a pahscyl health, um..Are they real? Most girls I see in actual life that have that sort of definition are rather flat chested ,like a gymnast. I would like to get my breasts enhanced, however if she looks this way naturally, I NEED TO LEARN THOSE EXERSIZES!!!!


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