It’s All About “Super Foods”

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I never understood the power of what has been deemed “Super” foods until I recently tried to add more of these nutrient rich foods into my life. I am not always good about eating enough fruits and vegetables so I found that grinding up a mix of frozen fruit and some super foods has really improved how I feel. I have suffered for years as many Americans do with fatigue and, at times debilitating, depression. The side effects of most medications, for me, are such that I do not feel I can function as well as needed when I am taking them.

Exercise helps and what really put me into a more healthy state was the midday and morning drink I mix. I simply added frozen blueberries, frozen mangos, fresh spinach, cacao powder and water into a drink. The first time I tried this concoction I felt as if the circulation in my whole body had just been reset. I have been able to think better, feel stable and find energy to exercise much more often. In addition I have lost a lot of the cravings for the foods that used to tempt me several times a day. I have been off my anti anxiety medications and anti depressants now for almost a year and feel better than ever.

Sometimes I add other supplements as directed by my homeopath but my absolute staple for health has been the drink. I am not perfect with my diet and exercise but the adjustments I have made have been worth it! I also try to have goji berries in my cereal or cashews, sunflower seeds and other nuts handy to munch on. I find that Stevia sweetens most things just enough for me which has really helped me not to have such a spike in my blood sugar, which also hugely affected my moods. Acai I usually find in super concentrated juice form and cannot use it quickly enough, so I have not incorporated that as much as I would like yet.

I am learning to use lentils and quinoa in my soups and have found that adding some whey protein powder to the fruit shakes I mix helps me to feel full longer. There are so many Super Foods to try! If you need help implementing some in your diet, make sure to check out shop4diets – Your Diet Solution! I find that my family is not always on board with trying new things so adding improved nutrition where I can and being flexible with their willingness to take in what I wish they would is a balancing act. I figure that any improvement is worth the gain in health. We are all creatures of habit and it takes a while to turn the tide. Finding recipes that don’t end up in the trash or traded for junk food at school are precious. If you have any winning, super food recipes that your kids love please share them so we can all benefit!

For now I plan to head downstairs and blend all of my own super foods into a drink and maybe, eventually, I will develop the “super” mom power to create the perfect concoctions? Who knew food could be so complicated?

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  • Kristie


    what are the proportions of blueberries/mangos/strawberries/powder/spinach do you generally use. I haven’t been able to make one the same twice….

    great info you have here I’ll be sure and share…


  • Gary Bottomley


    Thanks for this article. I astounds me how people can eat so much junk and expect their bodies to perform at their peak. Even if not wanting to compete in a physical sport proper eating really is a no brainier. So much of our food is refined and processed to the pint that it has so little value ion terms of healthy nutrition. Read one article recently that suggested that a cave man could have eaten it likely its going to be good for you ? Keep the articles coming.


  • Steve


    I agree! I drink an organic drink everyday that has kale, broccolini, carrots, brussle sprouts, blue berries, half OJ/ half water plus a vita mineral green mix-in. Tasty, healthy, and easy to make!


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