Not All B Vitamins are Created Equal

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A friend of mine handed me something one time that she claimed was a vitamin B pill that when paced under the tongue to slowly dissolve was meant to give me a burst of energy. If you are like me you would be happy to get any kind of an legal spike in energy level to get through the day. I was disappointed when 30 minutes went by and then an hour with no sudden burst or even flicker of energy. I wanted to tell her she wasted her money on an expensive placebo but kept my opinions to myself.

Fatigue and mild depression have forever been my nemesis. Sometimes I have days where I just can’t get over the slump of exhaustion and I end up sleeping away precious time needed to get things done. This can be frustrating and feed into depressive patterns.

In an effort to be productive I have fallen prey to the energy drinks that advertize vitamin B combinations to energize me. I don’t think they make much of a difference either, unless they are loaded with caffeine in which case I walk around for a few hours feeling like I am on the verge of a panic attack and barking at everyone around me. Not good!

B12 shots were recommended by my Physician at one point which I did a few times but did not feel much of an effect at all.

Recently I took a friend of mine who doesn’t drive to her cardiologist who was talking with her about the many things he wanted her to do to address high blood pressure problems. Among the many things discussed was the importance of supplements. I have yet to find any medical specialist of my own who recommends supplements (other than B12 shots) as part of the overall treatment plan. I was impressed with his thorough approach to all that can be done to help my friend.

During the course of the appointment he talked with her about the importance of vitamin B3 or Niacin. He explained the importance of going to a reputable health food store and buying the liquid form of “non-flush” Niacin. Apparently any form of vitamin B that is sold in a pill form will not be absorbed into the body. Taking the stress buster B12 complex sold over the counter does not end up giving the body what it needs.

The liquid form of Niacin is meant to improve circulation. The Specialist also surmised that Niacin will help with fatigue and mild depression. It is important when taking liquid Niacin to do so under medical supervision as the levels of Niacin need to be carefully regulated. Toxic doses of Niacin as well as certain other supplements end up causing more harm than good.

I can not wait to see how my friend responds to the new doses of B3. Maybe I can get my Doctor to monitor me on some doses of Niacin as well? Have any of you had luck with the elusive B vitamin energy boost?

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  • Julie


    I am being monitored on Vitamin D which as my doctor told me can add to depression, anxiety and fatigue if you do not have enough. Its not just all about the sun as I thought it was. I am curious to see about B3


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